Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Had A Real Scare Today

Today I took my dog Peanut for a walk around our lagoon. I life in Alameda, CA and behind the house is a lagoon where across from my house there are lots of bushes. While I was walking Peanut got scared of a bicyclist and got out of her collar. Now this little dog is still a puppy and she loves to run. So as you can probably guess she had the whole lagoon to run around. I was very scared for I might lose her. She would come very close to me but then she ran off, kind of like teasing me. Even the bicyclist tried to help but to no avail. So I just started walking along the lagoon and Peanut ran up and down the bushes but she always came back. It was a very big scare for me for I love my puppy very much. Finally she came close enough to grab her and I gave her a big hug and held her all the rest of the way home. I have to check to make sure collar is tight enough but I dont want it to choke her.

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