Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Virtual Online Learning

Virtual Online Learning is a great educational website started by Danna Crawford.  I have joined and have learned alot.  It is an online group where she teaches about many subjects that have to do with computers or online business and more.  She started it in 2009 and she is well known in internet especially on Ebay.  She is a great person, I just got to meeting her in person at the Ebay On Location event in San Jose, more on that will be another blog post.  She has taught me so much and she teaches the material in an easy way to understand.  Some of her classes have been blogging, how to burn cds or dvd, of course Ebay, and many others.  If there is just one group that I would recommend today it would be Virtual Online Learning with Danna Crawford. 

This is the 3rd post in Danna's Blog Challenge at Virtual Online Learning

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  1. Thank you Catherine! It is a pleasure to have you as part of our site!!!! Hugzz and blessings, Danna